Jack The Ripper

I, like thousands of other people have always been fascinated by Jack The Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders, and like many others have pondered over who the murderer may have been and why he might have committed such terrible deeds.

It is a mystery that has endured, even today over 120 years later and long after all of the protagonists are long since dead, spawning a plethora of books, films, TV programmes, and theories that promise to finally reveal the true identity of Jack The Ripper.

But the truth always seems to be just out of reach, hidden in the shadows of the history of Victorian London, each claim to have at last solved the puzzle being seriously flawed with errors, misconceptions, wild assumptions, and conclusions drawn from tenuous flights of fancy.

Will we ever know who Jack The Ripper really was?

In all probability no, we will not.

He was probably someone who has never even been considered as a suspect, a person who has been forgotten to time and will never be known, and trying to identify Jack The Ripper is not the purpose of this website.

However, by carefully looking at the known actual evidence it may be possible to draw more conclusions about his motivation than has previously been recognised, and this may help to focus future research on why he murdered his victims, and maybe help with narrowing the focus of possible suspects.

One of the observations that I have made has been discussed before elsewhere, and it is the subject of intense debate among Ripperologists.

It involves the number of actual Ripper victims, but I believe that by laying out the facts and following a different train of thought that I can convince you beyond a reasonable doubt that previous beliefs about the number of Ripper victims is wrong.

Another observation I have not seen discussed before. It involves Jacks modus operandi, his methodology of dispatching his victims and offers, I believe, a definitive explanation of why he killed his victims and settles the argument over whether he had any anatomical or surgical knowledge.

A third concerns the timings of the murders, and is something that even the FBI seem to have overlooked in their famous retrospective profile of Jack The Ripper.

I have structured the site so that you can look at the observations first, and then the conclusions drawn from them both afterwards.

Please feel free to comment on anything on the site using the comment box on each page, or to share your ideas and thoughts.

Finally I hope that you enjoy this site and that I can convince you that we know far more about Jack The Ripper than we previously thought.

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